Industry Memberships

Industry Memberships

  • CCF (Civil Contractors Federation)
    The Civil Contractors Federation is the representative body of civil engineering contractors in Australia. For more information please visit

  • CMPA (Construction Material Processors Association)
    The CMPA represents a broad spectrum of those involved in construction material processing businesses engaged in the extracting processing or otherwise working in hard rock, gravel, sand, masonry, clay, lime, soil, gypsum or recycling; industry consultants, industry suppliers and any industry worker. For further information please see

  • IQA (The Institute of Quarrying)
    The Institute of Quarrying Australia is the professional body for quarrying, construction materials, and related extractive and processing industries. For further information please visit their web site,

  • DCAV (Demolition Contractors Association of Victoria)
    The DCAV provides support the housing and commercial demolition industries.

  • CICA (Crane Industry Council of Australia)
    The CICA provides networking opportunities and professional support to the Australian mobile crane industry through regular seminars and and conferences. Please visit for further information.

  • CAFBA (Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited)
    CAFBA is an industry body of professional leasing/finance brokers in Australia. CAFBA represents the interests of its members by assisting with regulatory and governmental matters. Periodically, the Association conducts group negotiations with banks and finance companies to the benefit of members. Secondly, CAFBA acts as a self-regulating body, seeking to maintain high professional standards within its membership. It does this by having a formal 'Code of Conduct' and disciplinary procedures to deal with a potential breach. For more information please visit